Glass transporters - FEMAK - Golia Bull

Golia Bull can lift sheets of glass and windows frames up to 500 kg. and 3.90 m. height but with a structure (cm 76x84x174) and weight so small and light that we can load and unload it (also on a small station wagon) without cranes but with 2 people only.

In fact all appendages, that assure stability and sturdiness , have been studied for being easily removed and not lie on the total weight of the machine when not in use.

A special note is due to the patented lifting system that foresees the use of a battery drill granting an easy and light working but also an extraordinary cheapness.


The possibility to use an ordinary battery drill for lifting the loads makes “Bull” a unique machine. Thanks in fact to this patented system we could substantially reduce, compared with the more usual operation by 24V motors, the production costs granting, furthermore, a simple and without effort use.

Another advantage of this system is certainly the reducing of weight of the whole machine flanking all others solutions studied for granting the best handling and transport of the machine.

Then, for don’t cause you any trouble about the battery drill choice, we could supply you, as optional, a very powerful and dedicated model. If this is not enough Golia “Bull” arrives complete with and handle for emergency use.


In request , of a suction cups group 24V, rotating and with guided tilting with 400 kg. payload that, thanks to his features and technical solutions meets in a perfect way our Golia “Bull“: but, of course, if you already have a suction cups group with similar features you may use it!

Always on request also the battery drill: we signed an agreement with Milwaukee for the supply of a 18V 4.0 Ah. drill that, for featuring, perfectly reply to our necessity and for whom we have studied (and included).

Technical features:

  • Lifter trolley (cm 76x84x174): Kg 160
  • Stabilizers with wheels: Kg 37
  • Conterweight (with empty canister 4x30 lt.): kg 40
  • Extension: kg 15

Application examples:

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