Glass transporters - FEMAK - Golia Magnum

The new and exclusive trolleyGOLIA MAGNUM can lift glass sheets up to 500 kg. and up to 4,80 m. but thanks to a light and small frame (76x84x174 cm) becomes very easy to transport. With special accessories than, it will be very versatile (it can lift any kind of suction cups!) and easy to use, but also very strong and steady!

The suction cups supporting fork is also provided with an exclusive system consenting the right and left shifting of itself allowing evermore the right placement of sheets avoiding to move the whole machine.

Moreover, the load lifting and lowering, is motorized and powered by 24V battery that assures long working process.


Application examples:

Technical features:

Standard Accessories [Included in price]

  • Extension
  • Power System and counterweight support
  • Swiveling wheels - Kg. 40 (Pz. 2+2)
  • Counterweight (12 pz. x 8kg. = Kg. 96 )

Optional Accessories:


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