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KS Robot 400 – mobile, strong and far ahead

KS lifting and assembly equipment for glass, windows, plates, stoneware up to 400 kg load. The equipment with a special swing system ensures for an easier installation.Almost all movements are controlled electrically. Thus, the elements can comfortably handle and assemble precisely.

The KS Robot 400 is the youngest family member under the Robots. A combination of experiences for several years and the technical know-how of the manufacturer of products in our company. The new version should be compact and flexible so that the Robot 400 can be used for ways through narrow halls or doors. Another function of the Robot is that he can move and install elements in different sizes and weights. Furthermore, a high outreach forward and upward should be given to be prepared for all applications.

The results are clear to see: a technically sophisticated machine for loads up to 400 kg and a long telescope of 900 mm, which is characterized by the compact construction.

The best site of the KS Robot 400:

  • Easy to handle
  • Intelligent drive for a soft start
  • Synchronization system ensures lifting with constant inclination angle
  • Millimetre precise installation by sideward-deviation
  • Special swing system (optional): electrical turning folding hinge to lift glasses from the plate and to swing them up to 90° overhead
  • Vacuum suction unit with two circuits and two separates pumps for a higher security during installation
  • Acoustical and optical vacuum control, each single circuit will be controlled and shown
  • High ease of use by a multifunctional steering wheel and a remote control
  • Solid rubber tires with a wide surface
  • High-quality lifting cylinder with 10.000 N force per cylinder
  • Gas pressure damper for a high durability of servo-cylinders and also compensate big impacts while driving on uneven ground
  • High-performance battery
  • 24 volt socket on the gadget for charging of installation instruments such as cordless screwdriver and compressor etc.

Technical Data

  Standard Special turning articulated joint
Load capacity max. 400 kg max. 400 kg
Working height vertical approx. 2966 mm approx. 3060 mm
Working height horizontal approx. 3464 mm approx. 3507 mm
Outreach in front of the wheels approx. 1334 mm approx. 1504 mm
Gadget width approx. 729 mm approx. 729 mm
Total weight approx. 830 kg approx. 840 kg
Counter weights approx. 230 kg approx. 230 kg
Sideward-deviation +/-50 mm = 100 mm +/-50 mm = 100 mm
Battery capacity approx. 8h approx. 8h
High performance battery 2 x 12 V = 24 V 2 x 12 V = 24 V
Vacuum suction unit Automatic 2 circuit suction system with 2 vacuum pumps, 4 suction plates Automatic 2 circuit suction system with 2 vacuum pumps, 4 suction plates


Special turning articulated joint

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