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KS Robot Lift - for all these, who wants high up

The KS Robot Lift is especially made for glass installations and lifting of loadings to higher floors. However, the Robot Lift offers more comfort and flexibility on building sites by its electrical drive and height control. Without setting-up, the KS Robot Lift is instantly ready for operation. Elements with a weight up to 250 kg can be transported up to a height of 7.500 mm.

The lift mast can be driven up and down, forward and backward and with the help of a cylinder it is also adjustable to the right and left side by 50 mm. Such flexible setting possibilities grant you an exact positioning of the elements.

Thanks to a powerful system and a 24 V engine all movements can be executed by one person. The remote-control made for all motion-sequences of the mast, gives you the best possible operation-comfort.

In comparison with the classical lifts, which have to be built up exactly on the position where they have to be used, the KS Robot Lift can be repositioned very flexible. The Lift is constructed compactly and is even with loadings mobile. Its electrical wheel-drive makes a soft drive possible - on two different speed levels. Most of the time the KS Robot will be used with a hook and a vacuum-suction-unit to transport amongst others heavy glass plates, windows, PVC- and stone plates. Another option is to get the KS Robot with a load fork which serves for example as lifting device for awnings, roller shutter, heater, air-conditioner or ceiling covering.

The KS Robot Lift and its Benefits:

  • Comfortable and motorized lifting of elements to a height of 4.700mm and even to 7.500mm, depending on machine-type
  • All movements such as lifting, tilting, side-wards moving are controlled electrically
  • Powerful 24 V high-quality battery and cable-remote-control
  • Precise wheel drive for a soft start
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • Mobile, can be driven to the building site
  • Construction work not necessary
  • Useable on the smallest area
  • Width only 650 mm, it passes easily narrow doors and alleyways
  • Accessories available for different application areas, such as load fork, crane hook or vacuum-suction-unit
  • High-performance battery
  • 24 volt socket on the gadget for charging of installation instruments

Technical Data

  KS Robot Lift 250/4 KS Robot Lift 250/7
Load capacity max. 250 kg max. 250 kg
Working height vertical approx.  4700 mm approx. 7500 mm
Mast embedded approx. 1900 mm approx. 1900 mm
Gadget width approx. 620 mm approx. 800 mm
Total weight approx. 360 kg approx. 590 kg
Counter weights approx. 170 kg  approx. 130 kg
Sideward-deviation +/-50 mm = 100 mm +/-50 mm = 100 mm
Battery capacity approx. 8h/coat approx. 8h/coat
High performance battery 2 x 12 V = 24 V 2 x 12 V = 24 V
Vacuum suction unit KS VacuPower 300, 450, 600 KS VacuPower 300, 450, 600

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