Glass transporters - KS Schulten - VacuPower 450

The KS VacuPower 450 allows you to lifting and handlig glass panels up to 450 kg. Device contains 6 suction plates.

Safe and protectively for materials : a low-break-cylinder that ensures a controlled low movement. Especially while tilting the big panels of glass this function is good for. The whole process and not only handling will be made very easy and protectively for the material. You can feel absolutely confident.


  • Careful transport of loads with sensitive surface
  • No loss of the remaining vacuum during pumping
  • usable vertical and horizontal
  • Low-break-cylinder for a smooth process of movement
  • Low depth of 200 mm
  • Two circle system: high safety due to automatically warning according to DIN EN 13155
  • Made for work in and outside
  • Easy handling
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality and security according to CE certification
  • Made in Germany

Technical Data:

KS VacuPower 450
Load capacity 450 kg
Height approx. 700mm
Width approx. 2200mm
Depth approx. 200mm
Net weight approx. 60kg

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