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KS Swap bodies - modular system for multiple applications

A big advantage of the KS MultiCrawler is the modular construction. Thus, for example are the chassis and the lifting crane been constructed as separate components. Depending on the location or application the existing support can be solved comfortable from the chassis and can be substitute by another support - such a swap body.

With a little practice the exchange is less than 5 minutes performed. Furthermore, the modular construction saves costs: You only need to purchase unique a chassis and to change the swap body depending on the requirements on the construction site.


  • Langlebige, stabile Konstruktion
  • Durable, strong construction
  • Easy assembling
  • Quick reconstruction
  • Save costs, chassis is only one time needed
  • Furthermore swap bodies, e.g. available with cases
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality and secure by
  • CE-certification

Technical Data:

Swap body Crane C 500 Lift 250 Lift 500
Bearing Load 400 kg 500 kg(900kg on request) 250 kg 500 kg
Lift height 4200 mm 4500 mm 7500 mm 4800 mm
Telescopic First step mechanical, second step hydraulic Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic Winch Hydraulic Winch
Arm / Mast Fixed Rotating 180° Fixed Fixed
Width 1400 mm 1400 mm 1400 mm 1400 mm
Length 1000 mm 1100 mm 1100 mm 1100 mm
Height 2100 mm 1700 mm 1700 mm 1700 mm

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