Glass transporters - KS Schulten - Suction pads

Two strong assembling assistant - comfortable and secure

The practical suction pads are available in two versions:

Max. 57 kgbearing load

The suction pad KS P-57 is characterized by its lightness and its resilience. It consists completely of plastic and because of its low net weight, especially comfortable to handle. It will be delivered practically packed in a case. So the suction cup is well protected at the transportation and also protected in the workshop from dust deposits.

Max. 110 kg bearing load

The suction pad KS V-110 made of stable metal is especially applicable for big and weight loads. All materials with smooth and gas proof surfaces, such as glass, plastic, metal can be handle with it easily and secure. The vacuum is caused by operating the handle pump repeatedly. A red marking ring at the pump plunger indicates the vacuum loss ,so a high security at the application is guaranteed.


  • Fast attachment on smooth surfaces
  • Red safety ring warns of loss of vacuum
  • Check valve allows repumping without loss of vacuum
  • Supplied in a handy carrying case

Technical Data:

Typ KS P-57 KS V-110
Bearing load 57 kg 110 kg
Diameter suction pad 200 mm 210 mm
Vertical glazing yes yes
Horizontal glazing no optional

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