Glass transporters - KS Schulten - Vertical glazing KS Jack

KS Jack - the lightweight vertical glazing

The KS Jack is a vertical glazing type that is driven mechanically by a cable winch. It is equipped with a hook and a special suction unit. With that glass panes can be easily changed or fixed. Elements up to 200 kg can be lifted easily with the KS Jack – a relief for the technicians.

By their low net weight of only 30 kg it is easy to transport and fast assembled. Decomposed the KS Jack consist of only two parts of aluminium. By the assembly at the construction site the two component parts can only be fitted together and secured with quick clamps.


  • Alleviate considerable the assembly of glass panes
  • Conserve the back of your technicians
  • Easy to transport by low net weight
  • Low place requirement
  • Fast assembly
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality and secure by CE-certification

Dane techniczne:

Type KS Jack
Bearing load till 200 kg
Lifting height max 3900 mm
Height drive Mechanical
Load Movement Apply vertical
Net weight approx. 30 kg

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