Glass transporters - KS Schulten - KS Robot 1000

KS Robot 1000 - well made for 1 tonne

The KS Robot 1000 is the giant under the lifting machines. Elements with a weight up to 1 tonne are absolutely no problem to lift for the Robot. In order to handle without efforts, the Robot 1000 is equipped with a servo controlled hydraulic drive and proportional valves.

That means for the operator a lot more operation comfort for the installation, a higher precision during assembling the glass plate and a stepless, very soft lifting and lowering of the load.

The KS Robot 1000 is very popular due to its long telescope. He can reach a high of 4.068 mm in the horizontal position and 3.546 mm for the vertical installation. The outreach of the telescopic in front of the wheels is more than 2.024 mm and so also in the top area.

In standard, the Robot is equipped with two big and wide tires at the front which can be extended by two additional wheels. Transportation of heavy elements on uneven ground can so be executed easier due to reduced bearing load. A high priority is given especially to the vacuum suction unit as well as to all of the other KS Robots.

All suction units have a two circuits system and a separate working pump for the security of the operator and the goods. In case of a breakdown of a vacuum circuit, the second one always offers a basic security of the load. Additionally, acoustical and optical signs will warn you in case of vacuum loss.

The KS Robot 1000 - all respect:

  • Powerful and very fast by his hydraulic drive
  • Exactly and soft working by proportional action controller
  • Load capacity up to 1.000 kg
  • Sideward deviation of up to 200 mm for an exact positioning of the elements
  • Intelligent drive for a soft start
  • Vacuum suction unit with two circuits and two separate pumps for a higher security during installation
  • Acoustical and optical vacuum control, each single circuit will be controlled and shown
  • High ease of use by multifunction steering wheel and remote control
  • Performance battery incl. power supply to load the battery also on building sites
Load capacity max. 1000 kg
Working height vertical ok. 3546 mm
Working height horizontal ok. 4068 mm
Outreach in front of the wheels ok. 2024mm
Gadget width ok. 976 mm
Total weight ok. 1920 kg
Counter weights ok. 495 kg
Sideward-deviation +/-100 mm = 200 mm
Battery capacity ok. 8h
High performance battery 2 x 12 V = 24 V
Vacuum suction unit Automatic 2 circuit suction system with 4 vacuum pumps, 10 suction plates


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