The SL 380 Outdoor is ideal for lifting jobs on building sites. This Smartlift lifts up to 380 kg both indoors and off-road.

The lifting device is fitted with wide twin tyres to ensure that it does not get bogged down under extreme off-road conditions. The wide tyres also ensure that the device is uniquely stable.


  • Offroad with front-whell drive
  • Manoevrable with dual rear wheels
  • Big wheels
  • Self-propelled
  • Electronic brake
  • Lifting height 2400 mm (centre of yoke)
  • Two vacuum circuits with two pumps
  • Four Suction pads Ø 300 mm
  • Ergonomic operation handle
  • Waterproof according to ip65



Technical data

Max lifting capacity 380 kg
Weight 630 kg
Height 1350 mm
Width (min) 820 mm
Lenght (min) 2150 mm
Extension of arm 600 mm
Yoke apex from horizontal 45o back/ 90o front
Running time stepless high/low
Turning radius (sideshift) 100 mm
Vacuum system 2 circuit
Lifting height mounting 2770 mm
Integrated charger CetekXT 14000
Charging volatage 230 volt
Charging time approx. 8 hours
Battery 24 volt (2 x 12V) 2 x 105 Ah
Running period approx. 30 hours
Front wheel drive 1200 Watt - AC
Brake electronic
Suction pads 4 unit x Ø 300 mm
Automatic suction 2 vacuum pumps
Lifting capacity arm in/extended (600 mm) 380 kg/200 kg

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