Glass transporters - KS Schulten - KS Robot 550

KS Robot 550 excellent for elements with a weight up to 550 kg

KS lifting and assembly equipment for glass, windows, plates, stoneware up to 550 kg load. The equipment with a chain module simplifies the assembly. All pan and tilt are controlled electrically. Thus, the elements can comfortably handle and assemble precisely.

The KS Robot particularly stands out through his design in the colours red and blue and through his rounding. His chassis remembers the car industry and also under the cover the KS Robot is impressive. A powerful electric drive and a 24 V high performance battery have the strength to transport and install heavy elements up to 550 kg. Furthermore, the quality of the vacuum suction unit plays an important role.

The unit is equipped with six suction plates which run by two separate circuits and two pumps. In case of a breakdown of a pump or a vacuum circuit, the second circuit generates still enough suction power to hold the element. That’s the way how a high security will always be given.

Dwie wersje do wyboru

In order to offer you a product to your requirements we produce the KS Robot 550 in two versions – standard and optional with chain module. Both have a load capacity of 550 kg but the lifting height and the load in front of the wheels are different.

Everybody who wants to lift elements from the pallet and swing them overhead chooses the version with the special chain module*. The standard version doesn’t include such a function.

The KS Robot 550 is impressive:

  • Easy to handle
  • Intelligent drive for a soft start
  • Synchronization system ensures lifting with constant inclination angle
  • Millimetre precise installation by sideward adjustment
  • Equipment with chain modules (optional): for lifting glasses from the pallet and to swing them up to 90° overhead
  • Vacuum suction unit with two circuits and two separate pumps for a higher security during installation
  • Acoustical and optical vacuum control, each single circuit will be controlled and shown
  • High ease of use by a multifunctional steering wheel and a remote control
  • Solid rubber tires with a wide surface
  • High-quality lifting cylinder with 10.000 N force per cylinder
  • Gas pressure damper for a high durability of servo-cylinder and also compensate big impacts while driving on uneven ground
  • High-performance battery
  • 24 volt socket on the gadget for charging of installation instruments such as cordless screwdriver and compressor etc.

Technical Data

  Standard Special turning articulated joint
Load capacity max. 550 kg max. 550 kg
Working height vertical approx. 2207 mm approx. 2280 mm
Working height horizontal approx. 2617 mm approx. 2725 mm
Outreach in front of the wheels approx. 795 mm approx. 1102 mm
Gadget width approx. 729 mm approx. 729 mm
Total weight approx. 840 kg approx. 980 kg
Counter weights/td> approx. 322 kg approx. 442 kg
Sideward-deviation +/-50 mm = 100 mm +/-50 mm = 100 mm
Battery capacity approx. 8h approx. 8h
High performance battery 2 x 12 V = 24 V 2 x 12 V = 24 V
Vacuum suction unit Automatic 2 circuit suction system with 2 vacuum pumps, 4 suction plates Automatic 2 circuit suction system with 2 vacuum pumps, 4 suction plates


Special turning articulated joint

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